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Children mineral water with pH 7,4

It already springs in a quality which from the basis fulfils the highest standards for child water and despite this it is filtered six times. Highly clean and high quality child water with value of pH 7,4 (directly from spring) with exactly balanced volume of child beneficial minerals and high contents of precious silicic acid (H2SiO3 – 25mg/L). it helps the organism to get into balance and mainly get rid of heavy metals, mainly the aluminium (Al) which results in neurodegenerative diseases caused by its acummulation in the body. It protects against allergies, it supports immune system, it heals inflammation, healing of wounds and regeneration of cells. Silicum (Si) is important for formation of bones, it supports calcium in-building into collagen matrix in initial phase of bone growth and it participates at formation of phoroblasts and cartilages. Suitable for daily use, with low content of sodium, without manganese and iron.