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Natural antioxidant

Negative value of ORP suggests alkali water, which includes free electrons, which can be given somewhere. This process is very effective upon elimination of quite harmful free radicals. Free radicals are molecules which are missing one electron and are formed in our body during standard metabolic processes. Some volume of free radicals in human body is beneficial, as they protect our body against viruses, bacteria and they destroy degenerating weak cells. The problem occurs when free radicals are formed in surplus / excess. In order for free radicals to obtain missing electrons, they must constantly attack structures of healthy cells. This way they violate individual cells, organs and their correct working. Non-controllable reactions can occur which will support sick condition. These reactions are the consequences of serious diseases including oncologic diseases. By drinking of alkali ionized water our body receives sufficient volume of free electrons which are bound to moving free radicals. Thanks to antioxidant characteristics of alkaline water the cells are protected and the immune system and the whole organism is strengthened.

Alkalic body

Alkalic pH within a range of 8,5 – 9,5 represents a significant help for our body and its inner organs. The body and blood of new born baby has after the birth the pH of 7,45, i.e. alkali. Upon growth of the organism, acid eating habits, stress etc., the alkality of blood and body gradually decreases. Accumulation of acid metabolite makes the body more acid and the risk of diseases increases this way. As the body can´t create alkaline substances for de-acidation we have to add them to the body in form of food and drinks. Alkaline viva water is easily absorbed upon neutralization of acid metabolites, as it contains ions of alkaline elements like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. The body can receive them best in a ionized form and therefore when using them the body receives something like a “cocktail” of alkaline ions which keeps necessary alkalic pH in our body.

Fast and direct absorption

Individual molecules of water mutually cluster and form so called „clusters“. Alkalic ionized micro-clustered waters contains 4-6 molecules of water for one cluster while standard water contains approximately 15 to 25 molecules. Therefore this water immediately gets through microscopic pores of cellular membranes and this way it is immediately part of metabolic processes. It easily gets into other tissues, where it eliminates accumulated toxins in the intestine. It even dissolves toxins in non-standardly reachable places of the cell, and it cleans it this way, effectively neutralises and liquefies accumulated waste in cells and our body. This waste is consequently easily eliminated from tissues into blood and then through kidneys it is released out from our body in form of urine.

Correct consistency of blood

Surface tension of alkaline ionized water is almost two times lower than of standard water and it approaches the surface tension of human blood. This meant that alkaline water is thinner. The blood contains approximately 83% of water and therefore it is easy to realize that if we have sufficient intake of alkaline water the blood will be naturally thinner and more healthier. It is a very important fact as our body mostly makes the blood thick and the blood circulation is more difficult and slower, which is also connected with the risk of formation of blood clots – thrombus.

Sufficient amount of oxygen

There are negative hydroxide anions (OH- ) prevailing in alkaline ionized water, which are basically atoms of oxygen between molecules of water. Therefore drinking of alkaline water keeps required oxygen in our body and where there is oxygen there can be life. Metabolic processes depend to a great extent on volume of oxygen. It is important to know that cancer is developed and progressed in an environment which has insufficient metabolism of oxygen and increased acid environment. For the last years the indicator of health of Japanese and New Korean citizens has been very surprising. Implementation of modern bio-indicators for improvement of water quality and technological processes for its better quality and adjustment are strongly preferred in these countries. Each fourth family drinks alkaline ionized water in Japan on a daily basis. Each year this group of uses gets larger. Japan and South Korea are on the top places in number of hospitals where instead of medicines and antibiotics this viva water is used and applied due to its irretrievable healing characteristics.