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Water is the most perfect and at the same time the most necessary chemical compound of our planet, which we know at all and at the same time we need it on everyday basis for our life and for life of all living organism living on the Earth. It approximately covers 71% of the Earth surface and this represents approximately the same percentage of water which can be found in our body (72%). As part of water molecule (H2+I O-II) the oxygen is stronger and therefore is bound by two molecules of hydrogen in a way that it tightens electrons of hydrogen more closer to itself. Oxygen has minus (-II) sign and hydrogen has plus (+I) sign. Thanks to this water has several specific and beneficial characteristics for out body, which we can obtain from it thanks to special modern technologies.

Ionized water

Water is divided into anions (-) and kations (+) through electrolysis without adding of chemicals and with preservation of all original beneficial minerals included in it. Through ionizing devices in which electrolysis takes place we can obtain from water its hidden extraordinary and mainly our body beneficial characteristics. These devices have chambers divided by a special membrane into two parts which are mutually interconnected with electrodes anode (+) and katode (-). In these chambers there are two types of water being formed / created (alkaline in proportion of approximately 70 % and acid in proportion of approximately of 30%). This way completely different characteristics are obtained which they can keep for a sufficiently long time. These characteristics are specific for alkaline and acid waters, whereas it applies that pH scale from 0-7 represents acid (acidic) – dead water // pH 7 neutral // pH 7-14 alkaline (alkaline) – viva water.

Alkaline – viva ionized water

Average ideal value of pH of human body is 7.4, i.e. slightly alkaline.

Ionized alkaline water is nowadays the best and most healthy available drinking water enriched with electrons. 70% of ionized water from the total number of created water by process of ionizing ifs of alkaline character (and 30% of acid character). Alkaline ionized water is defined mainly for internal use. This viva water is the only and most important preventive means of actual times. It has strong antioxidant effect which enriches our body with enough of oxygen and electrons, which consequently provide our cells with adequate volume of energy. It balances pH of our body, which helps to prevent from various diseases as a result of acidity of organism by actual unhealthy standard of living and “unhealthy food”. It has stronger hydrating effects than standard drinking water and it hydrates on a cell level. By drinking of alkaline water we can compensate excess of acids and this way we get pH of our organism and blood into an original alkalic status (pH 7,35 – 7,45). Upon sufficient hydrating we dilute acids and this way we weaken them and at the same time we better get rid of them. Human body can´t create alkali, only acids which represent a large number in standard food and drinks which we take on a daily basis. Alkali must therefore be taken already as ready in form of healthy food like fresh bio vegetable, fruit etc. or by drinking viva ionized alkaline water which is available thanks to actual inventions of our modern times.


Acidic – dead ionized water

30% of ionized water from the total volume created by process of ionizing is of acid character (and 70% of alkaline character). Acidic ionized water is mainly defined for cosmetic purposes and surface disinfection.

Micro-clustered water

It is basically water with small clusters / compositions of molecules also called reduced water. Molecules of standard water cluster together mainly into groups (clusters) and create irregular clusters of 15 to 25 molecules for one cluster. Clusters of molecules of alkaline water which was formed as a result of process of ionization are broken into smaller clusters of 4 to 6 molecules in one cluster, so their size is reduced. Clusters of alkaline ionized water molecules are changed and modified from irregular shape into regular hexagonal shape. These modified and reduced clusters of 4-6 clusters get through our tissues and through micro-pores much easier and faster than standard water. Thanks to this phenomenon better hydration and communication on cell level is provided between cells toward inside and outside, while individual cells can detoxicate more effectively.

ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) of water

Human body can quite sufficiently reduce ORP values within the range from plus 50 to minus 200 mV.

ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) represents an ability to give or receive electrons. Measured ORP values can be positive and negative and are measured in mV. Negative ORP means that solution contains free electrons, which can be given. Positive ORP means that the solution has lack of free electrons which need to be taken from somewhere. Practically all sparkling drinks have positive ORP, which is in ranges from approximately +150 to +250 mV (Cola has approximately +350 to +450 mV). Totally fresh juice from most of the fresh fruit and vegetable has ORP around -150, but as soon as it is modified in any way all positive characteristic get lost. Human body must correct positive valued of ORP by provision of own source of energy so that values of ORP are put back to lower or negative values, which are natural to the body. Alkalic ionized water has negative ORP and therefore can quite sufficiently compensate high positive ORP values acquired by unhealthy eating habits during our life and ageing of our body.

Antioxidant characteristics of water

Alkalic ionized water has miraculous antioxidant characteristic. Under preparation of alkali ionized water electron is taken away from one molecule of oxygen and added to other one, while this way the molecule becomes an antioxidant. All antioxidants have the ability to keep an extra – additional electron which is also typical for some vitamins. Standard drinking water from the tap has ORP in values from +200 to +300, which means that reduction (antioxidant) potential does not exist there. Oxidation represents decomposition or ageing (like rust on top of an iron represents an oxidized metal or when you for example cut an apple the apple gets brown on the sides of the cut). In our body the oxidation caused damage by free radicals. Formation of free radicals is caused by stress, bad eating habits, drinking of unhealthy or sweet / sparkling drinks, polluted environment etc. free radicals which are created in our body will attract electrons from any of our cells in order to become stable and by this process they will damage our cellular DNA. This results in a fact that newly created cell will have already mutant DNA, which upon further division will be transferred again to other and other cell. This is the cause of various diseases (like tumour diseases) and one of the reasons to explain why we get older. ORP of our body increases during ageing because we oxidize. When drinking viva water we slow down the process of ageing of our human body. Antioxidants work against ageing and diseases in a way that they catch free radicals by their characteristics. Viva water is basically highly effective and very strong liquid antioxidant, which is quite more easily absorbed into our body than other antioxidants.

eng hydratacia-na-bunkovej-urovni

Tritium (3H) free a Radon (Rn) low

Thanks to a shallow and well-insulated under-floor storage of this natural source (about 60-70 m below the surface), this mineral water doesn‘t come into contact with common surface substances, which are mostly found in bottled drinking water, such as Tritium (3H) and Radon (Rn). This entire source is protected from the surface by a 40 m (2×20 m) layer of continuous high non-porous clay, for this reason there has been no surface contamination during the last 65 years according to the survey.

COD – Chemical oxygen demand of water

As compared to other waters the basis of this natural mineral water has naturally very low chemical oxidation index (COD) within a range of 0,20 – 0,55 O2 mg/l. Thanks to this low value of COD, water is not subject to chemical and biological degradation even after longer time and can be exposed to extreme conditions under preserving the same quality, stability and microbiology of water.

Silicic acid (H2SiO3)

Silicium (Si) is the second most expanded element on the Earth and at the same time one of the most important trace element. In human body it mostly occurs in form of silicic acid (H2SiO3) in total volume of approximately 1g. Silicium fulfils various functions in human body. It is able to bind water in our body and it compounds with various number of compounds, where is creates solid structures.

It is important for formation of bones, it supports calcium in-building into collagen matrix in initial phase of bone growth and protects against osteoporosis. It participates at formation of phoroblasts, cartilage and placenta. It maintains firmness of vascular walls, it helps as a prevention of heart-vascular diseases, it protects small vessels against breaking by keeping them elastic. It protects against allergies, it heals inflammation, support immune system, healing of wounds and regeneration of cells. It prevents from formation of uratoma and inflammation of urinary tract. As one of the few elements in form of silicic acid it deprives our body of harmful aluminium and this way it protects against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer´s disease etc. at silicium influences growth of healthy and beautiful hair, nails, skin and prevents from ageing of cells, it can be called as beauty element.

BPA free

PET bottles of Belgian quality Bisphenol – A free, which also meet the highest water packaging criteria for children and adults.