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If nature or some higher power decided to create something perfect, it’s water. Water accounts for up to 71% of the Earth’s surface and up to 72% of the human body. The fluids that flow in our bodies regulate our lives. The human body is basically a water machine designed primarily to work with water and minerals. Therefore, according to weight, our body contains 72% water, another 8% is a combination of chemical compounds, and the remaining 20% are bones and solid tissues. Another significant proportion of water is in the tissues. In the heart (80–90%), in the blood (83%), in the brain (75%), with a low proportion that can be found, for example, in the bones (22%). If our body accounts for 72% water, the quality of the water we drink has a significant impact on our overall health. Every healing and life-creating process that takes place in our body is essentially done through water! Also, our blood, the basic substance of our being, is made up of 83% water. The blood distributes nutrients, oxygen, and antibodies wherever and whenever needed. For our blood to perform its tasks properly, our bodies must be adequately supplied with healthy, clean, and quality water. Insufficient water supply or consumption of contaminated water causes changes in blood properties and negatively affects all aspects of our health.

Royal Water

Royal Water, as we dare to claim, comes from a source located in the heart of Europe in one of the areas of pure and high-quality drinking water origins. The reservoir’s orgin dates back to the turn of the last phase of the Cretaceous and the beginning of the older Tertiary period about 70 million years b.c. This area was characterised by inland seas, which had receded over time, becoming more isolated, and their salinity declined due to the constant influx of larger and smaller freshwater rivers. The fauna and flora of the time were mainly organisms whose bodies were made of rich inorganic substances such as calcium, magnesium, silicon, and potassium. The Cretaceous was typical of Cretaceous-limestone formations. Carbonate deposition was conditioned not only by strong transgression but also by the warm climate. Seawater had been enriched with calcium and other minerals much more than today. At the end of the Cretaceous, there was a massive extinction of living forms. Marine organisms were the most affected. Ammonites, belemnites and several foraminifer species have completely disappeared. During this period, bivalves were also abundant in the animals, and at the beginning of the Tertiary period, it was nummulites. Among the phytoplankton representatives, we could mention diatoms as unicellular microscopic algae with silicate shells living in fresh and sea waters or the soil. The dying and sedimentation of residues of these organic bodies gave rise to the so-called fossil deposits (fossils) with a balanced ratio of inorganic substances, which acted as a perfect fine filter. The receding water gradually seeped into through these layers into the lower subsoil and was spontaneously enriched with the ideal ratio of inorganic substances coming from organic bodies very close to the human body’s composition. This is one of the reasons why this water is so pure, unique, and balanced.

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Over time, and through a lengthy process, it gathered in the cavities and began to build up supplies that we are using again today after so many years. The water is enriched with an ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium and contains rare silicic acid. The water is extracted from source already alkaline with pH similar to the one of seawater (approx. 7.4). It reaches the surface with a slightly positive pressure using only a 60-meter borehole. Due to the shallow and well-insulated subsurface storage of this natural source (approx. 60–70 m below the surface), this mineral water doesn’t come into contact with common surface substances, which can usually be found in bottled drinking water. The entire source is protected from the surface by a forty-metre (2 × 20 m) layer of continuous, highly impermeable clay, which, according to research, has resulted in no surface contamination over the past 65 years. On its base, it’s processed using top-class German KRONES technology. Based on the quality of this mineral water’s primary potential, we’re capable of using its favourable properties. The water is refined by ionising, we increase the basic pH values up to 9.3, and when filling, we achieve ORP values up to −600 mV.

Water that was created by nature itself, and which makes up 72% of our body, ensures all communication between all body’s cells, but also the bodies in all living organisms on earth. Let us give our body, which is currently over-attacked by oxidative stress from unhealthy food, drinks/water, and air, just what it requires and needs!